Just Between Friends - shop, sell, save, smart!

Shop Early


Volunteers and Consignors shop Early.  The more you volunteer, the earlier you shop.

Not volunteering?  Or consigning?  You can still shop before we open to the public during the Prime Time Presale Event.  Prime Time shopping provides an opportunity to shop before the public for those who don’t have the time to volunteer or consign.

Shopping early gets you the biggest selection of items at the best prices.  Consignors individually price their items, so the same two items can vary in price.  Shop early to get the best deal!



Volunteer PERKS

Our volunteers are the heart of our sales events. They do all kinds of tasks such as set up, sales floor organizing, check out and break down. And the more you volunteer, the EARLIER YOU SHOP!  We LOVE our JBF Team!

JBF Helper Perks:

Earn up to 75% profit of the selling price of your items
Shop EARLY...even before consignors!

Shop at the special Half Price Presale on Saturday after  the sale closes (ONLY for volunteers).

Have FUN meeting other moms and dads in the community.







You can email Michelle from the Prince William  Team!



Hi, I'm Michelle and a Mom of two and I am the coordinator for the JBF Prince William and the Eastern Fairfax sales.

Our goal is to help Moms and Dads just like you.   We understand that kids grow fast, so we create a community marketplace twice a year, where families can sell all the things their kids are no longer using and shop thousands of name brand items at 50-90% off retail.

We help you save money, clear the clutter, and provide for your family at JBF Eastern Fairfax.

Thank you for joining us and we CAN'T WAIT to see you at our next sale!